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Plumbing is an essential part of a building’s workings as it’s a complex network of pipes and drains all connected to provide water supply and ensure waste water removal. One should never discount the impact of a plumbing issue as no matter what the problem is, it could potentially escalate to a serious issue if left unattended.

Providing quality plumbing services since 1994, 247plumber offers repairs, maintenance and new installations on all domestic and commercial plumbing needs.





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All About 247 Plumber

About Us

247 Plumber is a family run business backed by a team of plumbing professionals. With over 20 years of experience, our workmanship guarantees effective, cost efficient solutions to your emergency and plumbing maintenance needs.

Since its foundation the company has doubled its turnover year on year, with its staff numbers swelling accordingly. Today Yellow Hats has over 4,000 professionals on its payroll. The company is active in Middle East, CIS and Europe. Yellow Hats has a team of specialists capable of maximizing the result and delivering projects of any complexity and scope. Our employees are acclaimed experts in such areas as project.

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We pride ourselves in delivering expert results to domestic, commercial as well as industrial clients and our ethos of satisfaction guaranteed ensures we complete the job effectively from the start.

Qualified Agents

Our commitment to excellent service for emergency plumbing issues has allowed us to build a reputable reputation which has offered opportunities of client referrals and positive feedback.

Fair Prices

Offering expert advice and effective solutions, 247Plumber will give you, our client, honest recommendations with straight forward explanations, guaranteed quality and efficient workmanship to any plumbing need.

Best Offers

247 Plumber looks forward to assisting you with your emergency, maintenance and general plumbing needs.Our timeous, friendly service is offered both within and after business hours as we are available for any emergency plumbing situation.

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our services

Our professional plumbers offer same day, 24 hours service, 7 days a week with no call out fee. Teams are qualified to inspect and carry out repairs on-site with the least amount of upset to your property. If you are looking for affordable, qualified experts then give 247 Plumber a call.


Leaking and burst pipes

A burst, split or leaking pipe is a plumbing emergency. A number of concerns are raised in such a case requiring urgent plumbing attention as if left unattended, structural and electrical damage could result. Another concern is the unnecessary waste of vast amounts of water.

Whether it’s a visible leak or underground, we are able to locate and assess the damage.

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A burst geyser or no hot water supply, are common issues experienced in both domestic and commercial properties. Requiring speedy response as it’s not ideal to be without hot water for extended periods of time, a qualified plumbing team is needed to resolve it efficiently and effectively.

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Blocked drains and sewers

There is nothing worse than a blocked drain or sewer. To avoid the inevitable, 247 Plumber offers drain maintenance services to all domestic and industrial clients, including storm water pipe maintenance. Blocked drains and sewers can cause major problems if they aren’t properly taken care of – better to be safe than sorry!

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Pipe mapping

Mapping out existing underground pipes and all other pipes in and around your building, means that any potential plumbing problems can be easily detected and fixed before they cause damage. A preventative measure that could help save costs, time and unnecessary extended damage.

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Low water pressure

There are several reasons why your building could be experiencing low water pressure. From debris and corrosion in the pipes to leaks, sometimes it can result from the simplest thing such as replacing a showerhead. It’s best to get an experts opinion and have the issue fixed professionally.

247 Plumber can assist with minor to major plumbing issues – with expert advice and quality workmanship.

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Bathroom Fittings

Whether you know exactly how really you want your new home to be or just looking for new ideas to build your new house, offers priceless.We seek to get involved early in the design phase so that we can manage the project with more efficiently, provide effective building solutions & to identify challenges early.

General contracting, often referred to as a traditional delivery system, allows the owner to engage with the architect/engineer to prepare the design of the entire project. Upon design completion, the project scope is competitively bid to a construction firm for a fixed construction works.Yellow Hats has full service renovation expertise team.

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Great & Awesome Works

Our Projects

Although we are known for our excellent service in emergency plumbing situations, we also offer a range of project related plumbing services with the same guaranteed workmanship and cost effectiveness. Some of the project related services that we offer include:

New installations

When building a new property, whether it be domestic or commercial, you would ideally like to contract the most reliable, qualified and expert team to complete your plumbing needs. Plumcare911 can offer you all of this and more at an affordable rate, ensuring the job requirements are met.

General contracting, often referred to as a traditional delivery system, allows the owner to engage with the architect/engineer to prepare the design of the entire project. Upon design completion, the project scope is competitively bid to a construction firm for a fixed construction works.Yellow Hats has full service renovation expertise team.

Drain laying and storm water pipes

Although buried underground for no-one to see, a qualified plumber using the correct pipework is needed to ensure that drains and storm water pipes are correctly laid. 247 Plumber’s expert teams will ensure that all installation and connections are correctly done to ensure optimum results and a long lasting system.

Bathroom and kitchen renovations

A newly renovated bathroom and/or kitchen always adds value and prestige to any home. Ensure that an expert plumber is used for the installation of supply pipes, waste and sewer pipes as these are crucial to the functionality of the renovation. It would be a disaster for a newly renovated bathroom and/or kitchen to flood, block up or have no running water due to a bad plumbing job!

Geyser installation

A geyser is the key element in ensuring hot water supply. Whether it’s a burst geyser that needs replacing or a new building that needs multiple geysers installed, 247 Plumber offers excellent service and affordability.

As licensed plumbing practitioners, 247 Plumber’s qualified plumbers can issue a plumbing certificate of compliance (COC) on any work carried out. A plumbing COC is a self-certification of compliance that can be issued to the relevant owner, municipality, local authority and/or insurance company.


New Office Room

No matter the size of the project, 247 Plumber would like to help.

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